Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Have the invitation of wedding party located in the beach? Or maybe you are the maid of honor? Or you are the one who married? Whatever it is, beach wedding hairstyles for women can be sported in this occasion. And what’s better, is that this hairstyles can be applied to the long and medium hair. As you know, beach is a place where it’s windy. So you may as well having the simple hairstyles but stylish for the place like this just like what we have in here. Let’s check it out.

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Hair

Just like on every other formal event, women with long hair can pick to sport the bun, chignon, or half updos. For the bun, you can try messy bun or the neat bun as the option. You can place it wherever you want. Braided bun can be considered as your hairstyles too. Or combining French braid and micro braid with your bun can also be done. Aside from bun, we have fishtail braid in side swept. This is a really sweet hairstyles to be sported.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Short

We have half updos too. The traditional half updos added with beach themed hair accessory is really good for your look. Other than that, we also have the half updos combined with the braid too.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles Updo

Beach Wedding Hairstyles Updo 2012

So what do you think? Maybe looking again at the picture here will give you the image of what your hair should be done on the wedding event. Don’t forget to add the beautiful accessories in beach theme, or any other sweet accessories.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Women 2012

Beach wedding hairstyles for women are bun, half updos, fishtail braid and ponytail. The ponytail and the fishtail braid can be put in the side swept to make the appearance more feminine and sweet. Braid can be combined with bun to make a sweet and unique look. Put some sweet accessories can lighten up your hair.