Avril Lavigne Hairstyles 2012

Who doesn’t know Avril Lavigne? This pop-rock singer is always make a good appearance in front of her fans and public. One part of her appearance that we would love to talk about right now, is her hairstyle. Avril Lavigne hairstyles in 2012 is varied, but she still keeping her long hair between styles that she used. She also still rely on blonde as her hair color base although she is naturally a brunette. And for the ornaments, she still use highlights to lighten up her hair.

Talking about her hair, Avril Lavigne hairstyles in 2012 is mainly sporting straight long hair. It seems that her hair is cut with a layered haircut styles. And the thing that we already knew about her, is her blonde dyed hair. Using her blonde hair as a base and canvas for her highlights playground, she combined the highlights color between pink and blue, pink and green, and faded green, each on the tip of her hair. You can see from the pictures there, how she put her highlights with epic. Another variation that she used with highlights was a black bangs. Yes, a black bangs. Still using blonde as the base color, she dyed her bangs, and half top front of her hair with solid and bold black color. The contrast of her hair color brought something unique to be seen. She also sporting half updos accompanying her black bangs.

Apart from her highlights, Avril Lavigne hairstyles in 2012 also showing her plain blonde color. In some of the pictures, we can see Avril and her blonde hair flowing down freely. The nice part is that her natural hair which is brown, showing at the root of her hair, making a color gradient that blend in perfectly with her blonde. One of the other picture also showing Avril with her hair in curl. It’s rare to see her sporting a curl hair, in which she dyed her hair in silvery color, and make her appearance just beautiful.

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Avril Lavigne Hairstyles 2012

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Avril Lavigne hairstyles 2012 is about Avril hair, up until now. Showed in the images there, Avril mainly sporting a long straight hair with layered haircut. She still using highlights as the variation accompanying her blonde hair, and dyed some solid black color on her bangs. She also sporting a curly hair in silvery color which is rare on her, but beautiful.