Ashanti Hairstyle for Teenager

Women, usually teenagers, are like to know the new celebrity hairstyle include Ashanti hairstyle. Who is Ashanti? She is an actress, singer-songwriter and record producer. Her song “Foolish” in Eponymous album was sold up to 503,000 copies in one week throughout the United States. So, it is no wonder if many people pay attention to her hairstyle, her fashion style and her life.

Ashanti Hairstyle for Party Event

Ashanti is Afro-American women. She has dark skin and long black hair. She treats and cares her hair very well, so that she has beauty and healthy hair. There is some Ashanti hairstyle. Usually, she unties her hair and let her straight long hair strengthen her beauty. And sometime, she updo her hair with curly style and beautify it with one or more braid hair. Both of her hairstyle really suit with her face shape. Moreover, she wears some jewelry like earrings and necklace that really make her become the limelight.

Ashanti hairstyle inspires teenagers to emulate her hairstyle when they want to attend special party event, like prom night. Teenagers like to updo their hairstyle like Ashanti have and apply some accessories like hairpin, earrings, braid hair and other. This prom hairstyle can increase their confidence in the prom night. My suggestion, do not wear big earrings when you untie your hair because it would cover with your hair. In the other hand, you can wear big earrings when you tie and updo you hair. And those earrings can beauty your appearance.

Long Ashanti Hairstyles

Ashanti Hairstyles

Bridal Ashanti Hairstyles

Gorgeous Ashanti Hairstyles

Ashanti Hairstyle and Make-up

When you want to apply some celebrities’ hairstyle such as Ashanti to the formal occasion, you must pay attention about the other elements that can strengthen your appearance. Those elements are make-up and dresses. Apply right make-up in your face and choose match dresses color. And then you will be the limelight in the party with Ashanti hairstyle.