Anita Cox Hairstyles

Anita Cox is female hairstylist that has stylish and a little bit of feminine hairstyles. She make hairstyles for both short and long. She have a simple hairstyles and haircut that you can even try to copy it yourself. Anita were actually more into the coloring part before, but she improve herself with the latest haircut and hair color that makes her more skilled. Because she have a background on hair color, you can see that Anita also playing with hair color along with the hairstyles that she create.

Anita Cox

Anita Cox hairstyles are both edgy and feminine. You can see at the picture there that she made a varied beautiful haircut. At the first we have a medium hair cut out in the bob haircut. Aside from that, Anita also make stylish modified pixie haircut, wedge haircut, and some edgy hairstyles. One of her edgy hairstyles that I saw here is her Mohawk hairstyles.

Anita Cox Hair Salon

Anita Cox Hair 2012

Anita Cox 2012

The side and the back is cut short and the top is long and straight. What was interesting from it is the color. She make the combination of orange, silvery blonde and bright red that makes cheery, funky aura and edgy at the same time.

Anita Cox Hair Beauty

Anita Cox experiment with hair is not stopped until there. She have the alternatives of her hairstyles, makes it straight or curl it. On the straight hair condition, Cox make it either messy or sleek. And on the curl, she experimented with tight curl and loose curl.

Anita Cox New Hair

Anita Cox Hairstyles 2012

Anita Cox Hairdresser

Anita Cox hairstyles is stylish and a bit feminine. She make it for women with short and long hair. She have edgy hairstyles, bob haircut, wedge haircut and pixie haircut. She have a background in the coloring hair. Because of that she also applied her hairstyles with color play, whether it’s highlight or shading solid color.