Angelo Seminara Hairstyles

Angelo Seminara is a hairstylist with lots of unique creation. He is a talented British artist and also a creative director for Trevor Sorbie international. The Angelo Seminara hairstyles are so diverse and ranging with the creativity too. The length of his work was varied between long, medium and short. Angelo Seminara is specializing in women hairstyles. For women, his hairstyles are so unique and a bit edgy, but more creative and stylish to sport at special occasion.

Angelo Seminara Hair 2012

So, on the first list of Angelo Seminara hairstyles, we have the loose long hair and its unique variation. The long hair that Angelo Seminara worked with was waved so it gives some volume and texture on the hair. But as you can see at the picture, he makes this wave looks so different than the usual wavy hair. Just see and compare it and then you’ll see the different. Other than let the hair loose, he also have this unique haircut that you can see yourself at the picture gallery there. He plays with braid also. On the picture we have this little French braid that was made into zigzag look and then continued with updo at the back. He also makes micro braid as a low side bun. Unique chignon is also seen on the picture below there. Again with the zigzag look.

Angelo Seminara Hair Collection 2012

Aside from that, Angelo Seminara also experimented with the hair color. As you can see, Angelo gives this color pattern that resembles animal skin. Some were given a bright color pattern that was so fresh and unique.

Angelo Seminara Hairdresser

Angelo Seminara Hair Salon

Angelo Seminara Hair Collection

There are more of his unique and creative works that you can see at the pictures there. Well then, just enjoy the pic.

Angelo Seminara

Angelo Seminara Hairstyles 2012

Angelo Seminara Hairstyles

Angelo Seminara Hairdresser

Angelo Seminara hairstyles are so diverse and ranging. His work is so unique and creative. He mostly styled women’s hair. He experimented with haircuts and hair color. He also plays with braids that he modified into all those beautiful hairstyles.