Andrew Collinge Hairstyles

Andrew Collinge is a British hairstylist. He live in Liverpool today, while taking care of his 9 salons that spread through his country. He have his hairstyles in the feminine look, which is suited for every woman, regardless of age, to try his hairstyles. His hairstyles can be sported by both long haired women and short haired women.

Andrew Collinge

Just like you see at the picture there, he have loose hair hairstyles. The loose hair can be straight or waved and curled a bit. That what makes his styles looks so feminine and soft. One of the models hair is made into side swept. As you already know, side swept is making a girl appearance more pretty. Aside from letting the hair loose, he also have this updo hairstyle that he change into more creative look. You see how he let the top hair straight and the chignon was turn into the massive tiny wave? So unique but still feminine. The other were showing chignon in this full tiny wave.

Andrew Collinge Hair

Aside from that he have ponytail too as his hairstyles creation. The ponytail is tied in twisted way which seems so unique and different. The other picture show us traditional ponytail with side swept that of course looks so pretty and nice. As for the other picture we see woman with double fishtail braid with another braid on her forehead. The interesting part is that the hair looked out from the braid that was put on the forehead. So creative and artistic.

Andrew Collinge Hair Product

Andrew Collinge Hair Dryer

Andrew Collinge 2012

Well, actually, there are more to it. But since pictures talks louder than letter, why don’t you look more closer to Andrew Collinge hairstyles pictures here?

Andrew Collinge Hairstyles

Andrew Collinge Hairstyles 2012

Andrew Collinge Hair Purity

Andrew Collinge hairstyles are feminine and unique. He have loose hair hairstyles, updos, and a few short hairstyles. All of his hairstyles were suited lady with the need of elegant, feminine and soft look. Andrew also have ponytail hairstyles, and  a unique braid hairstyle.