Andrew Barton Hairstyles

Here we have another cool hairstylist again. Andrew Barton is International Creative Director of Saks. He is also British hairstylist that have this feminine touch on his hairstyles. Almost all of his creation were feminine and chic to be sported by girl. He used volumed effect on every hairstyle that he made, except for the short hair. We have Andrew Barton hairstyles collection captured on the images down here. You see all of those feminine and pretty hairstyles right? Then let’s us talk about a few of it one by one here.

Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton hairstyles on long hair is all about the volumed look. You see at the picture there? He create the volume look with the curl and wavy hair. On straight hair, h made this messy look that really are cool to see. As on the other, he make the mid part of the long hair into finger wavy style and after that continued with little frizz at the tip.

Andrew Barton Hair

Aside from that, he made a chignon that was combined with braid in some way that make this creative and unique look on the hair. He also put some quiff on one of his chignon creation. For the medium hair, Andrew either curl the tip or cut the hair into bob haircut. Layered bob haircut, asymmetric bob haircut, you named it. He also have these short hairstyles where he make the top part of the hair into pointy shape with the help of hair gel I suppose.

Andrew Barton Hair Product

Andrew Barton Hair Dryer

Andrew Barton Hair 2012

There are still a lot of work from Andrew Barton that really are unique and still feminine that makes us speechless to say anything. Just see at the picture and look what he did with those hairs.

Andrew Barton Hairstyles

Andrew Barton Haircut

Andrew Barton Hair Waver

Andrew Barton hairstyles are so feminine and chic. Almost every long hairstyle that shown in the picture is styled in volumed look. Whether it’s curly or not. He also have hairstyles for the medium hair which is bob haircut and on the short hair he makes the pointy shape on the top of the hair.