Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2012

Alicia Keys is a famous celebrity that we are going to spot on this day. And of course we are going to see her hairstyles this year. Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2012 are loose, tied into ponytail, and other unique hairstyles that she sports. You see at the pictures here? She looks confident enough to sport some weird and unique hairstyles. Although she also sport ‘normal’ hairstyles, the unique one is grabbing more attention to it.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Hairstyles

So what did she do with her black hair this year? Like what we see, she let her hair loose, both on her straight hair and tight curl. On her straight her, she sometimes curling it a bit to soften her look. She seems to love parting her hair to the side and combing it back to make a quiff. Yes, a quiff. Not only on her loose hair, she also put this quiff on her hair with the back and side hair pulled up into some braid styles that is unique but stylish and suited her. So how did she make this quiff? First, put some gel to the side of your hair to help you braid the back of your hair. Then braid your hair started from the nape of the neck to upper hair. Roll the tip with hot roll to give some volume. To make the quiff, just roll it to the back with hair roll for the help. Starting from the hair layer near the braid to the front to make the quiff soft.

Alicia Keys Hair

Alicia Keys Haircut

Aside from that style, Alicia also pulled her hair into tight ponytail. The sleek ponytail gives her elegant look. This style is also used by her in one of her show. If you don’t like it, then you can try to style your hair into a bun. Her bun is the sleek one too. Just like ballerina bun. She put pretty head accessories to make her looks more stunning.

Alicia Keys Hair 2012

Alicia Keys Haircut 2012

Alicia Keys 2012

Alicia Keys hairstyles 2012 is loose, unique braid styles, ponytail and bun. Alicia loose hair is both on tight curl and straight. She part her hair to the side and sometimes pulled it back to make a quiff. She have quiff on her updos too. She styled her hair into braid, and then make a quiff on it. Sleek bun is other alternatives that Alicia sport.