Akin Konizi Hairstyles

Akin Konizi is another hairstylist that will be our next hairstyles source. He is the director of HOB salon and under his direction, the salon is winning many awards. Hairstyles from the award winning must be different and unique from any other hairstylists creation. And that was Akin Konizi made. He have plenty of hairstyles that showing the wild and edgy hairstyles that still chic and elegant on girls appearance. You can see from the picture here Akin Konizi hairstyles.

Akin Konizi Hob

Akin Konizi hairstyles are so diverse. The short, medium and long hair can try his hairstyles. He also varied his hairstyles with tight curl, finger wavy, and the sleek straight hair. All of that were so stylish and so modern that will make you drooled to have one. On the short hair, Akin Konizi have this edgy cut. He cut it in asymmetric way that makes your look different from other women. Aside from that he also have what looks like bob haircut in the straight medium hair.

Akin Konizi Hob London

Akin were using varied wedges haircut that makes his hairstyles creation stylish and nice. He also have undercut hairstyles in the picture down there. On the remainder of the undercut hairstyles, he make the big quiff which makes the edgy undercut looks so glamour and elegant.

Akin Konizi Hairstyles

Akin Konizi Hair

Akin Konizi Hair Salon

Well, actually there are still many of his work that you can see on the pictures here. Many were really unique and stylish. So, what do you think?

Akin Konizi

Akin Konizi Hair Salon London

Akin Konizi 2012

Akin Konizi hairstyles are so diverse and plenty. He have the hairstyles for the short hair, medium, and long hair. All in stylish way. He also playing with curl, wave and sleek straight hair that makes his hairstyles ranging and have many option.  His creation is unique, edgy and wild with the elegant and stylish touch on it.