Ahmed Helmy Hairstyles

Ahmed Helmy is Arabian actor that have a simple hairstyles ranged from the super short to a medium short. He have a natural curl or frizz on his black hair that give him a natural look too with his hairstyles. So what does this actor do with his hair? More importantly, what hairstyles that he sport? You better checking out his picture there and you will see the ranging hairstyles that he sport.

Ahmed Helmy

Ahmed Helmy hairstyles have both short and medium short just like what I’ve told you before. On the super short hair, he simply cut it all in the same length. This way, maintaining his frizz wasn’t a problem anymore. As you already know keeping the little curl need a special effort and time. You can try this short hairstyles if you want to be simple too with your curl. Still with the short hairstyles, he also shaved his hair near his scalp that shows a near bald hair. This is also simple to do too. You only need to shave your hair entirely.

Ahmed Helmy Hairstyles

Aside from the super short hairstyles that he sport, he also have this medium short hair that showing his tiny curl which looks naturally good with him. But he also have this straight hair too on his medium hair. It seems that he straighten his hair to achieve this look.

Ahmed Helmy Hair Style

Finally, that was the hairstyles that he sported on any occasion. Simple and easy to maintain. Except for the frizz. I suggest you pick a good hair product for the curl if you decide to have the long hairstyles and having the curly hair. So, for the closing, take a look at his picture so you can have the insight of his hairstyles.

Ahmed Helmy Hair

Ahmed Helmy hairstyles are simple. He have short hair and medium short hair. He have a natural curl on his hair. On the short hair, his frizz is nearly unseen. Same with the near bald one, the frizz didn’t shown because of the short haircut. For the long hair, the natural curl was shown but he keep it so that his curl looks healthy.