2012 Punk Hair Color Trends

Wondering what punk hair color that trending in 2012? Take a look at these pictures here and you’ll get what was trending for punk hair color in 2012. It’s a combination of certain color for highlights, and orange for full dye. Punk hair color is another alternative for you girls who wish to be different. The color that you can pick is depending on your skin color and root hair. If you wish to put some impact on you with your hair color, then you have to considered them all, the skin tone, your hair root and your personality, of course.

Punk Hair Color

Punk Hair Color Trends 2012

If you have some dark locks as your hair root, then you have to put bold color or bright colors. Dark colors on your naturally black locks will make it less shown and maybe will not look good with you. You can try some color like purple, blue, green, orange, pink, red, and all of the shades presented within this colors. Combining some color as your highlight is good, but make sure it look good on you. You don’t want to appear tacky don’t you? Well, if you still insist on putting dark color on your hair, that is fine. You can see at the last picture for the example. Although the models use combination of dark color on her hair, she still appear good with that. If you liked to, then copy it.

Punk Hair Color Trends

Punk Hair Color Ideal

Punk Hair Color Girl

Girls with brighter hair root, like blonde, can use any of the color you like because on the bright locks, any color will looked sharp and contrast. If you like to, you can put some orange highlight on your blonde. That’s rather soft but still punk.

Punk Hair Color Dye

Punk Hair Color 2012

2012 Punk Hair Color Trends

2012 Punk hair color trends will look good on you who want to appear more different. You can play with color on your hair, but make sure you pay attention for your skin tone and your root hair. Choose the color that suit the categories of your skin tone to make you still look stylish without being tacky and weird.